Regulated Water and Drainage Report

Like the Regulated Local Authority search, the Regulated Drainage and Water Report contents is gathered by local conveyancing specialists rather than the official authority. The regulated report is ideal for new build developments on which there is usually little data held by the relevant water supplier, transactions with a particularly tight timeline and clients on a limited budget (the regulated report being considerably cheaper).

Like the official report the regulated report covers:

– Whether the property is connected to a public water supply
– Whether the property is connected to a public sewer for waste water services.
– Whether the property is close to or effected by water mains, local wastewater treatment or sewers.
– Distance and location of nearest wastewater treatment plant.
– Confirmation of any easements or wayleaves affecting the site (commercial properties only)
– Whether the present occupier has permission to discharge trade effluent from the site (commercial only)

It is important to note however that unlike its official equivalent the Regulated Drainage and Water Report does not include:

– Current basis for sewerage and water charges
– Any charges liable for surface water drainage.
– Water Meter Location

All of our Regulated Drainage and Water reports benefit from £2 million Information Accuracy Insurance plus £2 million PI cover as standard, providing assurance for both you and your client in the quality of the data provided.

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