We exceed our clients' expectations

Conveyancing Services for all your needs

With over forty years experience in conveyancing, including a former solicitor in our ranks, we are uniquely qualified to offer you and your clients a diligent, cost effective and perhaps most importantly outstanding personal service. 

Our conveyancing proposition combines expert knowledge with a zeal for industry leading service excellence. Our core philosophy is a simple one, property transactions are often needlessly convoluted and stressful, we aim as far as we can to change this. We realise how important it is for our clients to be able to order reports quickly and with minimum difficulty, we regularly update our reports and services to keep one step ahead of the curve with market innovations, leaving you to do the really important stuff. 

Here at PIC we offer a wide range of reports ranging from unexploded ordnance surveys to flood reports and back again. Having been active in the conveyancing industry for forty years we understand that reliable data is paramount in our clients concerns. With this in mind our team of conveyancing specialists are on hand to collate and quality check each report, ensuring our clients get a market best in diligence and reliability. 

Alongside this we pride ourselves on outstanding service and recognise the need, in what is a stressful time for your client, for regular updates and swift, knowledgeable communication. To support these aims we offer all of our client’s access to our order and case management platform, allowing seamless tracking of all orders, easy communication through our messaging application and regular email updates on the progress of your transaction.