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We have a simple philosophy here at PIC, which can be whittled down to one word: ease. Having been active in the industry through the good times and the very bad, a realisation was reached that property transactions were needlessly fragmented. To counter this we offer a fast, reliable and centralised service, meaning that whatever your conveyancing need it’s one click away. A Solicitor’s one stop shop for all search matters including personal and official searches.  A complete range of residential and commercial property searches.

Why Property Information Company?

  • PIC the complete picture – Our array of reports covers everything from drainage and water arrangements to unexploded bomb surveys, whatever you or your clients need, whether for a first time buyer or a large scale development, we have the report to suit you.

  • PIC a one stop shop – One transaction for all of your reports, cutting out the need to correspond with multiple suppliers and the disruptions this can often entail.

  • PIC one neat trail – An end to end audit trail from the order of your searches to delivery.

  • PIC diligence – Our ordering platform employs an industry recommended ‘products tool’ covering over twenty real-world property risks, meaning that if you’re not aware of a risk we certainly are.

  • PIC the easy option – Our ordering platform features an address verification tool for ease of process, unique within the industry, find the property you need with as little as a road name.

  • PIC great service – Our knowledgeable and friendly team of conveyancing specialists are on hand all day, every day to help with anything you might need, from queries on turnaround to advice on compliance issues, our team are here to help.

  • PIC transparency – Full transparency in pricing and lead times on searches, we will always look to pass on any savings we can to you and by association your client. Furthermore we maintain real-time estimates of how long you can expect to wait for your reports, these are constantly updated with developments within the industry.

  • PIC Cover – We provide a wide range of ‘Regulated’ Personal Local Search Reports and ‘Official’ Local Authority Search Reports. These reports are fully indemnified and carry £5 million insurance cover.


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