Regulated Local Authority Search

A local authority search carried out by our team of property that researchers comprises key data on planning concerns, contaminated land, conservation areas and public infrastructure in the vicinity of the property in question. The regulated local authority search covers all of the questions contained in the LLC1 and CON29 components of the official local authority search.


– Local Land Charges (Parts 1 – 12 – including general financial charges, specific financial charges, planning charges, miscellaneous charges, fenland way maintenance charges, land compensation charges, new towns charges, civil aviation charges, opencast coal charges) 
– Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas 
– Light Obstruction Notices 
– Land Drainage Schemes 
– Planning and Building Regulations (including extra planning restrictions) 
– Planning Designations and Proposals (including new roads) 
– Building Developments in the vicinity 
– Alterations to land use or public rights of way 
– Highway Schemes and Road Maintenance Status (including highways maintainable at public expense, highways subject to an agreement for adoption, roads to be adopted at the cost of the frontagers, roads to be adopted without cost to the frontagers, changes to road layouts) 
– Contaminated Land 
– Whether the property is situated in a Radon Affected Area

Now accepted by all major lenders a private local authority search represents an efficient and cost effective alternative to the traditional route. A fixed fee is applied across all local authorities, in most cases considerably reducing the cost to both solicitor and client and averting the need for variable search costs based on geographical location. Furthermore our team are on hand to keep you in the loop on the progress of the search and field any additional enquiries.

All of our reports are fully PCCB compliant and are quality checked by a qualified search specialist and benefit from a £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.

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