Full range of conveyancing searches

Below we have detailed a small selection which are most popular amongst our clients. For more information please contact us or give us a call on 02036373383.

Regulated Local Authority Search

A local authority search carried out by our team of researchers comprises key data on planning concerns, contaminated land, & public infrastructure in the vicinity of the property in question.

Official Local Authority Search

The local authority produced counterpart to our own regulated local authority search, this report contains data from council records on planning concerns, contaminated land, & public infrastructure in the vicinity of the property in question.

Regulated Drainage and Water Report

Like the Regulated Local Authority search, the Regulated Drainage and Water Report contents is gathered by local conveyancing specialists rather than the official authority. The regulated report is ideal for new build developments on which there is usually little data held by the relevant water supplier, transactions with a particularly tight timeline and clients on a limited budget (the regulated report being considerably cheaper).

Official Drainage and Water Report

Sourced directly from utilities companies across England & Wales the official drainage & water report is key in ensuring that your clients have access to that most vital of utilities.

Landmark Homecheck Professional

Landmark’s best selling Homecheck Professional Environmental Report is for use by solicitors and other conveyancing professionals. It provides invaluable information on the five key datasets not covered by the standard enquiries of local authorities. 

FCI Commercial Products

FCI Commercial Products – a comprehensive analysis of environmental risks for a commercial property or development site, covering a wide range of transaction types.

FCI Residential Products

FCI Residential Products – a comprehensive risk report, containing everything you need for a full environmental search.

Landmark Homecheck Flood Report

According to JBA estimates as many as 10% of residential properties are not insurable at standard rates. A lack of affordable flood insurance can impact on a property’s future valuation, mortgage application and saleability.

Landmark Plansearch Plus

The process of house-hunting and purchasing a property can be an extremely stressful and costly experience for the client, it is important that once a property has been chosen that your client has piece of mind as to any potential developments in the surrounding area before completion of the purchase. 

Chancel Liability

Most conveyancing professionals are familiar with the now ubiquitous case of Aston Cantlow PCC v Wallbank. In which the Wallbanks having purchased a Warwickshire farm, were held liable as ‘lay rectors’ to the tune of £96,000 for repairs to the roof of the parish church. Despite a protracted legal battle and ensuing supreme court case, the law lords found in favour of the ecclesiastical parish and the Wallbanks were left with a bill of some £350,000 including legal fees.

Mining Reports

We provide a variety of ground stability and subsidence reports based upon geographic location. Our mining search reports identify any indicated ground stability risks associated with past mining or quarrying activities and identify whether the property in question is situated in an area likely to be affected by any present or historical mining activity. 

Capital Conveyancing

We provide a number of tailored reports for London based clients, with the ever increasing expansion in the capitals infrastructure and construction on brownfield sites, it is becoming ever more pertinent for legal professionals to exercise due diligence when it comes to potential developments in the vicinity of purchasers property. 

Utilities Reports

Just as important as the bricks and mortar which constitute the physical property are the utilities upon which modern life has come to rely, we offer singular reports on a number of local and national utilities providers. These reports reveal vital data on the location of utilities provider apparatus and plants as well as detailing any wayleaves which are relevant to the property in question. 

Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates have been required by law on some properties since the end of 2007 and fully rolled out to all residential properties during 2008.