Official Local Authority Search

The local authority produced counterpart to our own regulated local authority search, this report contains data from council records on planning concerns, contaminated land, & public infrastructure in the vicinity of the property in question. By way of the CON29 and LLCI forms providing answers to all key concerns on:

– Local Land Charges (including general financial charges, specific financial charges, planning charges, miscellaneous charges, fenland way maintenance charges, land compensation charges, new towns charges, civil aviation charges, opencast coal charges)
– Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas
– Light Obstruction Notices
– Land Drainage Schemes
– Planning and Building Regulations (including extra planning restrictions)
– Planning Designations and Proposals (including new roads)
– Building Developments in the vicinity
– Alterations to land use or public rights of way
– Highway Schemes and Road Maintenance Status (including highways maintainable at public expense, highways subject to an agreement for adoption, roads to be adopted at the cost of the frontagers, roads to be adopted without cost to the frontagers, changes to road layouts)
– Contaminated Land
– Whether the property is situated in a Radon Affected Area.

Unlike its regulated counterpart the Official Local Authority Search is universally accepted by all lenders, for clients purchasing through smaller lenders this can be vital. Furthermore the report and any data contained in it, is fully certified and guaranteed by the local authority against errors and omissions.
Please note that the official route is not without its drawbacks, as compared to the regulated option prices tend to vary on geographic location and the local authority applied to. Clients in London and the South East can expect to pay considerably more for the service than those in provinces. Conversely local authority expediency can differ greatly based upon council budgets and staffing levels.

Alongside the Official Local Authority Search we also provide answers to additional (part II) questions as prescribed by the local authority these include:

Q4. Road Proposals by Private Bodies
Q5. Public Paths or Byways
Q6. Advertisements
Q7. Completion Notices
Q8. Park and Countryside
Q9. Pipelines
Q10. Houses In Multiple Occupation
Q11. Noise Abatement
Q12. Urban Development Areas
Q13. Enterprise Zones
Q14. Inner Urban Improvements
Q15. Simplified Planning Zones
Q16. Land Maintenance Notices
Q17. Mineral Consultation Areas
Q18. Hazardous Substance Consultation
Q19. Environment and Pollution Notices
Q20. Flood Safety Notices
Q21. Hedgerow Notices
Q22. Common Registration

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