Landmark Plansearch Plus

The process of house-hunting and purchasing a property can be an extremely stressful and costly experience for the client, it is important that once a property has been chosen that your client has piece of mind as to any potential developments in the surrounding area before completion of the purchase.

The Plansearch Plus provides a comprehensive picture of the surrounding locale, including information telecoms masts, local footpaths, neighbourhood data on topics such as schools, crime rates, insurance claims, population demographics, housing types and average prices. Additionally the report contains a list of key local amenities such local supermarkets, healthcare provisions and local police stations provided for your client’s convenience.

Plansearch Plus includes the following:

Unique Land Use Designations to ensure consistency and ease of use, development categories have been standardised across Great Britain to:

– Housing
– Open land
– Heritage environment
– Transport
– Town centres and retailing
– Industrial and commercial
– Community and social facilities
– Waste, minerals, water and energy
– Rural /settlement areas
– Other site specific policies

A brief description of the proposed development type, the direction and distance, and a list of the related policies are provided for each development.

Furthermore the Plan Search Plus includes data unique to Landmark regarding theft insurance claims since 2000. This enables your client to gain a broad socio-demographic overview of the locality, allowing for an informed decision.

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